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Zero Carbon: Making it Happen


Zero Carbon: Making it happen!

On 5 October 2016, the threshold number of signatories to the Paris Agreement was achieved, which means it entered into force on 4 November 2016. This global consensus of science underpinning the ‘Paris Agreement’ clearly recognises the need to get to zero carbon emissions. 

The Zero Carbon Britain and Who’s Getting Ready for Zero reports, plus a host of other work, offer detailed scenarios and real-life practical projects that clearly demonstrate we already have the tools and technologies needed to get us there. See

But changing how millions of people live is a rather special kind of problem - the forces that shape our lives exist on many different levels. More than anything, the barriers to change are psychological, social, economic and political. Tackling such a complex challenge requires a new kind of approach that joins up research and practice across disciplines, borders, sectors and scales. 

This new report Zero Carbon: Making it Happen is CAT’s response to this challenge. It is based on a broad literature review of insights into how we overcome the barriers stopping us getting to zero - from peer-reviewed journals, as well as books, reports, articles and other sources. 

The research looks at findings from psychology, sociology, geography, political science, economics and other social sciences, as well as faith, spiritual practice, arts and culture. We developed dialogues with researchers working in these fields to ensure our findings are supported by good evidence. We have also included input from individuals and organisations that have managed to overcome specific barriers in innovative ways. In addition, playwright Sarah Woods has collected stories from key individuals working on the ground, to actually make change happen. 

The final report will be launched soon, however to download our initial finding visit

A multi-disciplinary investigation into overcoming the barriers to a zero carbon future

explore sections Psychology History The Arts Sociology Economics Politics Media and Communication Interdisciplinary

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